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Hello Rudeies! welcome to my Rudegirl homepage! for all the hitgirls in the world. Its about time we have a page dedicated to us rudegirls.

What is a rude girl It all started....... In the late 1950s Jamaica was gaining independence from Great Britain. A Jamaican record producer Clement "Coxsone" Dodd, wanted his musicians to create a new uniquie Jamaican sound. A Bassist named Cluet Johnson (clue J) ran the "hardest-driving and Recording band" developing this sound in Jamaica and went about the town greeting his Friends w/ a call of "Love Skavoovie." From this greeting, the name of the music naturally Developed into "ska." Ska was created in a poor, third world country right after WWI, and it was influenced swing, boogie-woogie, early rock and jazz. The first wave of ska in America was late 60s to early 70s (from Jamaica). In England, where 2Tone set off, In 1979, The British music scene took a liking to a Jamaican music called ska. A unique Jamaican jazz culture where the melody of horns fused with the drums in a free form music which was mellifluous and rebellious. Ska became Jamaica's first indigenous popular music form. A hit at home, ska reigned supreme in Jamaica for many years. The fans often dressed Up in black and white clothing as a 'Rudeboy'. What is a Rudeboy? Rudeboys were gangsters that at existed from the middle of 1966 to early in 1967 in Jamaica. Music was now written about these rudeboys. These gangsters were victims of horrible social conditions in which they had had to live in, and often had no choice but to resort to crime. "The Rudeboy fashion in Britain was more of a 'happy dancing guy in a stylish two-tone suit and pork pie hat.' However, the British Rudeboy was dressed more like the Mods of the sixties than the original Jamaican Rudeboys." The 2 Tone movement was symbolic of the struggle against racism Between blacks and whites in British society. The two colors, black and white, were used together on all of the artwork and checkered patterns that decorated the second wave to symbolize black and white unity. Ska bands formed all over the UK, often of mixed ethnic backgrounds, to play a danceable beat and to try to stop the racial discrimination that had been going on for quite some time. This does not tell me what a rude girl is? Well according to history, there never was a named rude girl. But there was a rude girl eventhough there was no name for her. Symbolizing her strength into getting equilibrium of suffrage though the years, and how she has achieved In fighting against discrimination towards women, and all races and ethnicity's. And she Continues to have a fire in her mind and body symbolizing, a rude girl. An independent. A Woman. This world isnt fit for any kind of discrimination, towards men, women, race, size, shape, or color. There are no levels, they are all a form of hate. And all that hate conforms to is a breaking down of humanity. Sadly, this is all out in the world. Some forms of discrimination are ok because they have been accepted into society. People have just gotten so blind that the real truth is that whether its accepted or not its still hate. and there are no levels to it. Everyday of my life I have to live though this. To see what goes on in this world, and to face it. It can be quite a challenge.
The history of women, these rude girls!

Now here's a little History basically of Women's suffrage if you're interested. I thought since I'm a woman, and all of what my sex has gone though, i thought id support all the women that kept fighting to be seen equally and not have a superior over our heads which is the same fact as that was bad as any facism. its still lowering someone for what they are, when we are all people. i dont believe in any superiority, of any race, sex or form. We were all made with a soul, there is nothing less than that. Women's Rights, guarantees of political, social, and economic equality for women in a society that traditionally confers more status and freedom to men. These rights include control of property, equality of opportunity in education and employment, suffrage, and sexual freedom. The women's rights movement is also known as feminism and women's liberation. Male dominance was preeminent from the time of the earliest written historical records, and in most traditional societies women generally were at a disadvantage. Their education was limited to learning domestic skills, and they had no access to positions of power. Marriage was almost a necessity as a means of support. A married woman usually had little recourse in case of ill treatment or nonsupport. Under Roman law, which influenced later European and American law, a wife was the possession of her husband. The Age of Enlightenment, with its egalitarian political emphasis, and the Industrial Revolution, which caused economic and social changes, provided a favorable climate for the rise of feminism and other reform movements in the late 18th and the 19th centuries. The transformation of handicrafts-which women had always done at home without pay-into machine-powered mass production meant that lower-class women could become wage earners in factories. The few other options for women included work as governesses, clerks, shop assistants, and servants. In the United States, abolitionist Lucretia Mott and feminist Elizabeth Cady Stanton led the first women's rights convention, held in 1848 at Seneca Falls, New York. The group demanded equal rights, including woman suffrage. Colleges were founded for women, although the right to admission to male-dominated universities took longer. Married women's property acts, passed at various times in the United States, gave women control over their property. Later, provisions were made for divorce, alimony, and child support. Women's right to vote was finally granted in 1920, when the 19th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States was ratified. This is my view of The rude girl. How she has blossomed and ferociously claimed her life. SO many bands now have women play in the making music, and many other things like careers, rights, etc.. Women have come a very long way. They have not earned, but made others discover that equality is what is right, in all people. These rude girls are still leading the way!

You don't fit into Corporate society, & you're proud of it.



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