Scullys thoughts: wow I think I see a UFO. Mulders thoughts: Scully, turn around, we're getting a picture of me.
Scullys thoughts: boy your head is warm.
Kara's thoughts: the show would be nothing without these head mafia men
Kara's thoughts: very interesting. It looks like a plate.
The X-files-9:00pm/8
Scullys thoughts: oh gosh another interview!
theres not much you can say about this one cant even tell its her.
skinner...not more to say
Um....the man who took over deepthroat's persuit. not really.
You didnt see any homer is a dope t-shirts
Cool! I want that outfit. Scully is top gangster.
Oh yes, all dressed up for a swim.
Another cool outfit. Scully was born in the 1920s in this photo.
Mulders thoughts: Whao its those pesky government people again...Scully: damnit mulder i got heels on again.
While Mulder and Scully are Running after some bad guys scully notices a camera.
awl how cute. Who knows someone so innocent could be so bad.
I took this picture. I said, hey guys look over here. and they looked.
another boring picture
Hmm...this isnt Scully!
HA! another brilliant picture.
Wait, didnt i already have one of these on this page?
Scully, look to the right.
Damn you Paparazzi!
EW. Scully wipe your mouth.

NO guys dont do it!
NO stop, you're both sickening me!
You betraying bastards! Thats it, the shows over. (incase you cant tell I'm a noromo)
He looks like hes about to kiss the dog now.
OK Mulder, what did you do this time?
LOL, what a dork! I would invite him in anyway.

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