howdy! welcome to my x file page. i got so much stuff...and more stuff to come. pretty soon you'll have so much stuff you wont know what to do with any of this stuff. well you also might find out some government secrets too, i know them all, what i know, can fill an ocean, or atleast a big toilet. but thats what makes this page special, you have so much honor to even set foot in this website of knowlege, that you are so holy from this day foward. and all just for visiting this sacred webpage. but you ask, can there be anything better? yes, visit my ska homepage. theres nothing better than an x filesskaist. visit here:
these pages hold the government secrets that you are aching to know! if you become bombarded by a bunch of men in black, or abducted at any time during this time, i strongly suggest, that you read everything and SIGN THE GUESTBOOK. thank you, enjoy your stay. oh, by the way,please SIGN THE GUESTBOOK with your comments and recieve a big fat thank you, along with whatever cool little peices of crap i can dig up to give you. its the choice of that good stuff or a lyncing...i say go for the good stuff.

My list of
Files links

x files: this is the best place to go to find lots o good stuff. it has homepages, games, links, so much stuff! a homepage made by carter himself.
the x files: fight the future: chat, message boards, reviews
Pete's TV WAVs - Request a WAV: x files wav mailing list
joe's x file page: pictures, sounds, character info, desktop themes, backrounds, screensavers, scripts, etc.
The XFMMA Is Back!: one of the best places to find stuff. need i say more?
"X-Files" - Some Wicked X Files Links: some wicked x files links
The Ronny's X-Files Link Page: lots of great x files links
xfile.html at this is a cool page. you can make your own x files episode, i want to believe poster, and its got a great list of cool links.
claudette is great!: you have to visit this page. its my bud claudettes page. its great! sign the guestbook or be lynched!
Andy's X-Files Links Page: lots of great x files links!
Main Menu:Nick's Page of UFOs, Aliens, X-File...: x files, and the paranormal
X-Files Resources for X-Philes: lots of cool stuff that you can dig into.
CGS Success System - X Files Sites: (A-I): an array of beautiful x files sites
X-Phile Guy's X-Files Links: more x file links! so many links!
Now for some other fun stuff to do like games and trivia!!
x files games and trivia: so many different games and trivia. lots of fun!
alien assembly: make your own alien buddy! he does your homework, makes your bed, and brushes your teeth!
x files adventure!: find out which alien did it. a fun game to play to pass the time.
hang the alien: play hang the alien! if you really are a true x files fan, this game should be a sinch.
Purity Control X-Philes Obsessiveness Test: see how obsessed you are. i think i scored off the charts for this one...::::::sniff::::..
X-Filesaholics: these are for the ones that scored high on the charts. this is the place where you spend your entire day posting rediculously outrageous stuff.
area 51 chat: chat with some area 51 people.
Heres some stuff I through in for all you paranormal freaks
paranormal phenomena: paranormal research index
ufo and paranormal: x files and paranormal
Ron Brewer's - Paranormal Page: paranormal links
crop circles: learn about crop circles
Bible gum: has nothing to do with sci-fi but you get a tin of bible gum if you link your site to them
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visit my marvelous x files photo gallery marvel at art: if you have any photos youd like to send x file related that is funny or different, please do so.

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